The TSN Ranksystem is an open source project,
it is free to use under the GNU GPLv3 license.

Download the latest version:
DOWNLOAD (Version: 1.2.12)

MD5: f6aea85820904cfccdbca5b20d374ba7

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Installation on Linux

1) Requirements

Before we can start to install the TSN Ranksystem, we need to check the requirements for the environment are met.


For the statistics page and to be able to run the Bot in a PHP process, we need a webspace (webserver).

 PHP 5.5.0 or higher
 PHP with privileges for the command "exec"
 required PHP extensions:
- PHP PDO extension
- PHP cURL extension
- PHP Zip extension
- PHP SSH2 extension

 network connection to the TS3 ServerQuery of your TS3 server on TCP; default port 10011
 network connection to the on TCP port 443
 optional: Job scheduler (for automatically restart the Bot) like a cronjob

The database will storage all information. This is necessary to get a real time statistic page.

 MySQL (or derivative like MariaDB)
 requires its own database
 required privileges:
- Data:
- Structure:

To connect with the TeamSpeak 3 server, we need access to the TS3 ServerQuery interface.

 Network connection between the webspace and the TS3 ServerQuery
 TS3 ServerQuery User with following permissions:
- b_virtualserver_info_view
- b_virtualserver_client_list
- b_virtualserver_client_dblist
- b_virtualserver_client_dbinfo
- b_virtualserver_notify_register
- b_virtualserver_servergroup_list
- i_group_member_add_power
- i_group_member_remove_power
- b_icon_manage
- b_client_remoteaddress_view
- i_client_private_textmessage_power
- i_ft_file_browse_power
- i_ft_file_download_power


2) Download & Unzip

Download and unzip the file "".


3) Upload to webspace

Upload the whole unzipped folder to a directory on your webspace and grant permissions to the user of your webserver.


4) Run install process

Open the "install.php" on your browser and follow the instructions.


5) Configure webinterface

Configure the TSN Ranksystem about the webinterface (https://your.url/ranksystem-folder/webinterface/).
For each parameter you'll find a documentation by mouse click on it.


6) Start Bot

Start the TSN Ranksystem Bot via the webinterface.


7) Add cronjob (optional)

Optional: Create a cronjob to be sure, the Bot is running 24/7.

Open a SSH session to the host machine of your webserver.

Enter the command "crontab -e", go to editing mode (in VIM you need to press "i").

Paste the following in a new line

*/10 * * * * sudo -u www-data php /path_to_your_webspace/path_to_the_ranksystem/worker.php check >/dev/null 2>&1

Configure the path, where your TSN Ranksystem is located and replace www-data with the user of your webserver.

Save and quit the crontab (in VIM ":wq").

Installation on Windows

This will follow soon!

Get a hosting

When you are not able to host the TSN Ranksystem yourself, you can ask here for a hosting.

The hosting is absolutely free. If you want to help us, we accept donations, but they are definitely not needed!

If we accept your request, the hosting will remain as long as the Bot is running and able to connect to your TS3 server. Bots, which are offline for more than one week (=inactive) will be deactivated and after one additional week deleted without any warnings.

Request a hosting

With the hosting we take the part of the requirements of the webspace and the database.
- You still need access to the TS3 server via ServerQuery; ServerQuery credentials (username and password) are required!
- Be sure your TS3 server allows connection from our IP address
- You should whitelist these IP also inside the query_ip_whitelist.txt, which you'll find inside the TS3 server installation folder.


After submitting your request it could take a few hours to create the hosting, cause we check each one manually! You will definitely get an answer. In case of accepting we will send you all needed information (credentials & guide) via email.

Bot Commands

Command Parameter Bot-Admin Description
- none - - / - Get a list of valid bot commands
Since version 1.3.0 it will sends you here.
!version - none - - / - Returns the current version under which the Ranksystem runs.
- none - required Performs a check for new available updates.
Since the Ranksystem updates itself automatically, the update
process will be started as soon as a new version detected.
!clean - none - required Starts the process of cleaning the user database.
It only has an effect when the function 'clean clients' is activated.
- none - - / - This checks the user-related required time to reach the
next higher rank. The investigated time will be sent as a private
chat message to the user.
- none - required Initiates a reboot of the Ranksystem bot.
- none - required Initiates a shutdown of the Ranksystem bot.
Parameter 1
number of log entries
expect number between 1 and 999

!log 10
This will give you the last 10 log lines.
required Get the last few log entries of the Ranksystem-Log
via private chat message.
- none - - / - Get the last 10 runtimes of the Ranksystem bot.
Each value represents the needed duration for one round
of the bot, measured in seconds.
- none - - / - The bot sends the time of the last (re)start and
also calculates the online time.



! Note - (bigger) change you should notice of; in some cases there are things to do
* Information - for your information, but there is nothing you need to do; changed something works in background
+ Feature - added a new feature or enhanced a feature
- Bugfix - fixed a bug or corrected something

1.3.0 (2019-XX-XX) - NOT YET RELEASED!!!!

! dropped table "config" as announced with version 1.2.12
* increased column size for config parameters up to 65535 signs (before 5000); with this you can increase the rankup definition and/or choose longer messages; within this we wrap chat messages, which are bigger than 1024 characters
* due the repaired query command dbclientlist with TS3 server version 3.7.0 we removed our dummy database-select to hold the connection; on problems, please update your TS3 server
* minor changes on the install.php
* optimized performance for bot commands
* updated library FontAwesome to version 5.7.2
* optimized file permissions check during bot startup and on install process; the error message during installation now shows more information
* updated library morris chart to version 0.5.1; within optimized SQL statements to build the chart and added a red line with current max slots
+ added new parameter update channel, selectable about the webinterface
+ added new parameter for default sorting on List Rankup page, selectable about the webinterface
+ added new bot commands !uptime, !logs and !runtimes
+ added new parameters for log-level and log-size for the ranksystem.log, selectable about the webinterface
+ boost factor can now handles decimal numbers; you can enable a factor e.g. 1.25
+ added new parameters (%7$s - current user rank, %8$s - name of the current servergroup, %9$s - current servergroup since) to command !nextup
+ added values for the achievements (My statistics) to the webinterface; they are now configurable
- fixed some spelling errors in german language file
- fixed SQL command to clean the table user_iphash; no longer existing users (on TS server deleted user) got stuck

1.2.12 (2019-02-24)

! changed configuration table of the Ranksystem-Bot and how config-values are handled inside the code. There is nothing you need to change on the webinterface or anywhere else. Only, when you have written third-party-applications and are using the table "config", you need to know the new table is "cfg_params" (Attention: this table has a new database-structure!); old table "config" still exists with 1.2.12 as a clone, but will be deleted with the next version!
* removed link on stats site (report to serverlist) to planetteamspeak since ScP has closed his services; RIP!
+ added new option 'fast hashing' to the IP hash function; these do not decreases the performance of the statistics page as much as it does the already existing 'secure hashing'
+ added spanish translation; thx to JavierlechuXD
- fixed wrongly named group in log when removing an expired boost group
- fixed platforms donut chart on stats page; values of Android and Linux were inverted
- fixed admin mode on "list rankup"; when joining the list rankup in admin-mode and changing sorting of the site, the admin mode was lost

1.2.11 (2018-09-27)

* optimized version check for command !version and on some other places
* optimized some help texts on the webinterface (leading english and german); also cleaned up the language files
* updated russian translation; thx to bykidi
* removed 2nd TS3 queryname; is no more needed with server version 3.4.0 or above
+ added support for new connect parameter 'client_nickname' which comes with version 3.4.0; this allows setting the nickname of query clients before they become visible on the virtual server
+ added cleaning tables admin_addtime and addon_assign_groups due Ranksystem update process
+ added database table for CSRF token; with that multiple siteswitches are possible without getting an CSRF error
+ added message to Ranksystem admin user, when a servergroup gets deleted, which is configured to the Ranksystem
+ added new check the HSTS header is already sent; on some webservers got a problem, which already sent this information
+ added sticking display size of group- and servericons on the stats page to 16x16 pixel
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Please report bugs and also feature requests preferred on GitHub

You can also try to get support on our public TS3 server
Try to contact an admin (server group: Ranksystem Staff Ranksystem - Staff). Please stay patient, when we don't react immediately. Please give us at least 10-15 minutes to response.

You want to ask for a free hosting? Have a look here to request a hosting.